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When it comes to buying your special someone a birthday gift, thoughtfulness is key. There’s nothing she’ll love more than a gift you really thought about and put a lot of time into choosing. With this in mind, a personalized gift is the perfect way to show your one-of-a-kind girl how much you value her. We’ve put together a few ideas for the perfect birthday gift for her that will both wow her with your thoughtfulness and take only a few clicks to create.

  1. Commend Her Adventurous Spirit

    If the lady in question is bold and adventurous, always pursuing a new hobby or a new horizon, choose a birthday gift that shows you appreciate her bravery and willingness to try new things. Celebrate that adventurous spirit, however it takes shape, by transforming it into a stunning portrait that reveals a little piece of who she is. 

    Choose a photo of her enjoying herself—this could be halfway up a mountain, framed by a beautiful view from her last holiday, or even in a pottery class posing with her latest creation. Choose a photo you know she loves, where she looks completely happy—you’ll know it when you see it. To turn this snap into the perfect personalized birthday gift for her, immortalize it as a beautiful photo print in a classic white frame. This simple, classic touch is sure to complement almost any photo and home décor style beautifully. 

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  2. Print Her Best Shots

    If your special lady is on Instagram, her profile is likely a representation of her. Maybe it’s full of joy and life, maybe it’s artistic and thought-provoking, or perhaps it’s simply filled with photos of everything she loves.

    She shares these photos because they’re important to her, so how better to show your appreciation for her interests and her photography talents, than by turning her best shots into works of art? Acrylic prints are an especially attractive way to turn vibrant Instagram photos into gorgeous home décor. The smooth acrylic surface will catch the light perfectly, enhancing the vibrancy of her photo and doing justice to the fine details. For the best results and the most striking birthday gift, try to get the original high-resolution photo files!Great gifts for her, acrylic prints SC2

  3. Celebrate Your Love

    Every couple is different and we all have our own ways of showing affection. For her birthday this year, why not show your love for her with a gift as unique as your relationship? An image of the two of you, transformed into a one-of-a-kind gift as a beautiful wood print. The texture of the birch wood will really enhance the glow of the image and she’s sure to love this heartfelt gift.

    For an extra-special touch, a rustic wood print would achieve an equally warm effect, with the added charm of Chinese fir wood slats. Whatever you choose, she’s sure to love this personalized birthday gift!Personalized gift for her, love portrait SC1

  4. Art for Her Desk

    She takes pride in her work, and that shows in her workspace. Desk décor makes a great birthday gift for her because it’ll add a homely, personal element to her working world—something to make her smile every day.

    Metal desk art is modern and sleek, with a glossy coating to give an added shine to your chosen photo. Choose an adorable photo of her pet, a group shot of her with her best friends or a snapshot from your last holiday together—this gift is sure to be a winner.

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Custom photo gifts and wall décor allow you to get creative and make something unforgettable for your extraordinary girl. Make her birthday one to remember with beautiful, meaningful gifts she'll never forget.


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