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Finding the perfect birthday gift for him can be tricky. Maybe you’re looking for a thoughtful gift—something that shows you appreciate him and take an interest in his hobbies. Perhaps you want an amusing gift—something that captures a special moment or an in-joke that binds you together. Or maybe you just want to let him know that you love him.

Your choice of gift is utterly personal, but whatever you want to say, a personalized birthday gift for him is the way to say it. To give you some ideas to start with, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite custom photo ideas that would make perfect gifts for him.

  1. Celebrate His Adventurous Nature

    Is your special guy an adventurer, a creative, an explorer? Find your best shot of him doing the thing he loves and use it as the basis for a personalized birthday gift you know he’ll love.

    Create a framed print that captures his spirit when he’s in his element—whether that’s shredding the slopes, restoring his vintage car, cooking up a feast or giving a charismatic toast. By showing you appreciate his interests and hobbies, you’ll remind him of why the bond you share is so special and make it a birthday to remember.

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  2. Print His Best Shots

    When you see a photo someone’s taken—an image they’re really proud of—you see the world through their eyes. Celebrate his unique point of view by printing a few of his best shots in the stylish, modern medium of metal prints. The sleek aluminum will show up the crisp detail of the image and the glossy coating will give an added lustre to his best shots.

    Browse through his Instagram for photos that you know he’s proud of—they’ll make for awesome home décor. If you find a few great snaps that complement each other, choose a Collage Metal Print. Discover the optimum layout for up to 30 images, depending on the print size you choose. For the best quality, see if you can get your hands on the original high-resolution photo files. This way, you can be confident of creating the ideal custom birthday gift for him. Great gifts for him, metal prints SC2

  3. Art for His Workspace

    When he’s not with you, your partner spends a large part of his time at the office. As a thoughtful birthday gift for him, why not choose something to personalize and brighten up his workspace?

    Find a great shot of that secret place you found together on holiday, a funny photo of a beloved family pet or an action shot of him succeeding at his favorite hobby. This piece of sleek metal desk art will give him a boost every day when he looks at it and show him how much you care.

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  4. Show Him Some Love

    Sometimes the best gift for your partner is just a sign of how much you care. Celebrate your bond with a gift that highlights the unique aspects of your relationship.

    Choose a photograph of you two that captures the feeling you give each other—you’ll know the photo when you see it. Then, for a real birthday showstopper, turn this gift into a custom canvas print to display in your home. He’s sure to love this sign of how much you value what the two of you share.

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Personalized birthday gifts like these are great because they're both cool and thoughtful, just like he is. But the real secret is to create a gift that would be a good match for his personality and style.

Photo prints make for fantastic home décor, but if you’re short of wall space a Leather Lay-Flat Photo Book is an equally thoughtful birthday gift for him. He’ll admire the sleek black leather cover and enjoy seeing your view of all the things that bind you together.


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