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Whether you have chosen a single dark wall as a feature in your bedroom, or taken the leap and painted your living room dark gray—congratulations and welcome to the dark side! You have taken a design risk that few are brave enough to try, but—trust us—the possibilities are endless.

Empty walls are sad walls no matter the color, so if you are slightly lost and wondering what to do now don’t worry because Sam’s Club has some dark wall décor ideas for you.

Create contrast

A simple way to make a dark wall into a true feature wall is to create contrast with a bright piece of artwork. Add a canvas print featuring a favorite photo of yours in black and white. It will appear brighter and stand out as a real “wow” moment in any room. A black and white canvas print of a wedding photo would be the perfect wall décor for a bedroom with a navy feature wall. Don’t worry if you only have color photography; it’s easy to change your photos to black and white with the photo editor in Sam’s Club Photo.

If you’re feeling adventurous, branch out with a striking graphic design in bright, bold colors. A dark gray wall will benefit from an image including colors like seafoam and coral, or violet and cherry—depending on the mood you wish to create. Repeat these colors throughout the room in your soft furnishings and other design elements, like vases and candles, to tie everything together. You don’t have to go searching for the perfect graphic print because with Sam’s Club you can print your favorite image onto a variety of materials and create your own unique wall art. Consider choosing an acrylic print that will catch the light and enhance the vibrancy of the colors. Check out our other blog post for ideas on how to create your own designs if you’re not sure where to start.

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Metal, metal on the wall

Dark, bold tones are the perfect backdrop for metal and glass décor. The shine from the décor will add life to an already stunning, eye-catching feature. Think of placing a large feature mirror in the center of your dark-toned wall. By catching the natural light from the window during the day, and the lamps dotted around the room at night, a mirror creates a point of interest that evolves throughout the day and will create dancing light to make your dark wall into a night sky.

Another way to add an attractive shine to your feature wall is with a metal print or two. With Sam’s Club, you can print your favorite photos and images on a metal print and play with composition by choosing between rectangular and round prints. The playfulness of light across the metal prints on the deep hue of the wall will add an extra dimension to your pictures and the room.Decorating Dark Walls, Metal Prints, SC 1

Balance your elements

Windows add a natural focal point to your dark wall, think about elevating it with soft white curtains hung from ceiling to floor. Dark colors hold masculine energy, so breaking it up with a feminine design touch will have your guests wanting to inject some of your style into their own homes.

A dark wall will make a light couch look brighter, even if it’s seen better days. Add a few pillows colored deep hues or that feature light and dark design elements, and notice how the combination of light and dark will create a feast for the eyes. To get the perfect color combination, or to throw in a few photo-favorites, make your own custom decorative pillow covers with Sam’s Club.

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Set the mood

If you have painted a nook of a room a deep, dark color don’t panic and think you suddenly need to install bright lights to make it more inviting. Instead, create a mood by experimenting with light and shadow, and add a lamp that provides dim, warm light. Throw a decorative photo throw on a chair and create a cozy corner you’ll be happy to sit in with a cup of coffee, or glass of wine and relax while listening to a record—or a playlist if you aren’t that retro.

Now you have some ideas on how to tackle your dark walls, make your mark and commit to your design. Perhaps you will be an inspiration for your friends who are seeking a design upgrade.


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