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Looking to redecorate your home but don’t have any photos that fit the bill? Or want to add a pop of color with a cool design? Worry not—it’s easier than you’d think to make your own custom wall art for a completely one-off print. Whether you take an abstract photo, conjure up a quote print, draw a digital illustration or just print one off the web, Sam’s Club Photo Center’s prints will rise to the occasion.

Take an artistic photo

All amateur photographers have an idea of how to take good shots: the rule of thirds, good lighting and so on. But abstract and artistic photos play by their own rules.

  • Close-up macro shots can make great abstract art. Get really close to the details on a plant, a set of keys, or a bolt of fabric. You can even try this with your smartphone—no need for a DSLR.
  • Who needs sharp focus? Try moving while taking low-light photos or capturing reflections in water. Once you take away fine details, images break down into colors and shapes which are easier to imagine as beautiful art prints.
  • Think about how you can change the spaces in your photo. Take photos from unexpected angles, with different compositions, or without any core subject matter at all. Repeating patterns like tiles or paved roads can also make for gorgeous photographs.
  • Edit your photos in post-production to increase contrasts, change the hues, or adjust brightness. Crop out dead space too, to find that perfect framing.

Gallery Wall with abstract prints

Abstract and artistic photos are great for metal prints as you can retain more fine detail of the design and image you choose. However, a classic canvas print always has a place on a feature wall. Opt for a gallery wrap to stretch your lovingly-taken photo over the sides of the canvas, creating a professional finish for your abstract image print.

Create a one-of-a-kind quote print

What words do you love enough to hang it on your wall? It’s simple to design quote wall art that speaks volumes.

  • Once you’ve decided on a quote, browse some quote prints and pick out what you like about them. Is it the typeface? The layout? The color palette? The background?
  • You can use a free sketchpad online like io if you want to hand-draw designs. Place text, images and shapes to create something true to you.
  • Make sure you keep the aspect ratio of your design the same as an available print size, to ensure nothing gets cut off.

Elevate a classic quote poster by getting your image as a framed print. A white edge gives your design a modern twist and draws attention to the message.

Draw simple digital illustrations

If neither photos nor quotes appeal to you, then creating a digital illustration might be the solution.

  • If you have a digital drawing tablet, or are willing to buy one, then it’s easy to draw designs straight into a program. If art isn’t your specialty, keep things simple: try writing, adding doodles on top of photos or drawing cartoony designs.
  • Alternatively, create a striking digital illustration using geometric shapes and complementary colors. Using or another drawing app, play with size, ratio and repeating patterns to produce custom digital art as minimal—or extravagant—as you want.

Bright colors and shapes are made for an acrylic print. The slender print is chic, vibrant and modern—the perfect DIY wall art print.

 Framed Canvas Prints over baby's crib

Not feeling creative? Download free printable art

Of course, creating art can be a tricky business. Sometimes you just can’t get it to look like it does in your mind. So why not try using some art available on the internet that’s been designed with printing in mind. Stay away from anything copyrighted and focus on free “printables”.

Wall prints come in a variety of sizes and dimensions, so check the size and quality to match it to a print size. Download the printable you like, then get it printed on your choice of material for unique home décor.

Put a stunning quote on a sleek metal panel or turn abstract photos into a mesmerizing collage print—all with the satisfaction of making custom art prints yourself.


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