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So—you’ve sparked an interest in learning photography. Whether you were surprisingly impressed by a few shots you took on your smartphone, or you scored yourself a DSLR camera, you're probably wondering—what next?

Challenging yourself to take on any new skill—photography included—is something to take pride in. At Sam’s Club Photo, we want you to succeed. Use these 5 photography tips to unleash your photography potential.

1. Take a Beginner's Class

Taking a beginner's photography class is the best thing you can do to get a firm grasp on the basics. No matter your age or current skill level, there will be an option that’s right for you. Search online for local photographers who are offering photo workshops, see if a nearby school or community center is offering a group course, or sign up for a social meet-up site to learn photography tips and try out new photography ideas on a photo walk with peers.

Learn photography for beginners - Sam's Club Photo

2. Challenge Yourself Consistently

Once you’ve got a handle on the basic principles of photography, practice makes perfect. Photo challenges are a great way to motivate yourself to photograph consistently, or become adept at shooting certain subjects such as portraits or landscape photography. For an easy start, set aside at least 15 minutes per day to either take, edit, print or organize photos. You’ll be surprised by the effect these small measures have on your skills as a photographer. 

3. Show It Off

Great photos deserve to be seen offline. As you learn photography, get in the habit of printing your best monthly shots. Print duplicates for the family or friends who are in the shots—they’ll really appreciate having prints they can frame, hang, or bring to the office.

Prefer to create a more sophisticated photo album? Pull together your best shots of the season or year in a custom photo book. You can switch up the book texture and design theme with each one that you create, or choose one style to use for a consistent collection. Make sure to label the year on the spine of each book so you can display them in order and track your progress.

Learn Photography, Lay-Flat Photo Book SC 1-1

4. Work Towards Greater Goals

What do you want to achieve? Do you want to be recognized in a photography competition? Do your research and start entering. Do you want the community to see your work? Submit your best seasonal shots to your local paper—just be sure to include details for the caption. Want your photos to become personalized home décor? Create canvas prints or standouts for your home or as a gift. You’ll feel like a professional—and maybe even start dreaming about your own studio exhibition. 


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