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Whether it’s your first time flying the nest or the place you plan to put your roots, it’s equally important to make your home feel like your home, and not just a storage space. It’s where you lay your head, entertain your friends and dance like nobody’s watching while you make your morning coffee.

Find your style

Starting with the blank canvas of a new home can be a little intimidating—where do you begin? The first course of action is to identify what your personal style is. Does sleek and modern design grab your attention or are you looking for a cozier arrangement to come home to? Simple distinctions like this will narrow down your choices and help you pick an aesthetic that you love and will make these new walls feel like yours in no time.

Chic and sleek

For the minimalist look, identify ways to keep clutter to a minimum. A simple way to do this is to buy furniture which doubles up as storage. This white leather ottoman can stow away those items that don’t quite live anywhere else in the home while doubling up as additional seating when you are entertaining friends. White leather will also feed into that minimalist sleek look you are searching for.

Continue the theme with your wall décor, Sam’s Club’s metal prints offer a modern update to your favorite images and elevate your photos in a contemporary fashion. Think about incorporating the medium into the image, the high shine of our metal prints makes pictures featuring water, metal and sunlight really stand out.

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Warm and rustic

If you find your taste tends towards a cozier aesthetic, choose a color palate and signature items that will create that feeling in an instant. Warm tones and soft furnishings are your friend here, your couch should be one that you can’t wait to sink into with a good book.

Put your stamp on your décor by personalizing the soft furnishings you have in the room. Step out with your camera and capture a local landmark, or take a close-up image of a textured surface like a brick wall, or a sunflower and create a unique image perfectly suited for your home and color scheme. You can print this image on Sam’s Club decorative photo pillows and full throws and quickly turn empty space into a welcoming place just for you.

Statement pieces

Not your traditional prints

It’s the bare walls of a new home that make it feel alien so choose your favorite images of your friends and family to create a warm atmosphere in seconds. At Sam’s Club you can print your images on a variety of mediums, some different to the norm are the vibrant acrylic, framed canvas or rustic wood options. All offer something different which you can use to complement the style you’ve decided on for your new home.

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Gallery wall

If you find you enjoy aspects of canvas, acrylic, metal and more for your prints, don’t be afraid to go all in and mix and match mediums for a statement gallery wall. Show off your very best moments and play with size and shape to create an arrangement that will be sure to catch any visitor’s eye.

It’s still easy to have fun and experiment with gallery wall ideas, even if you’re not feeling that adventurous. Consider creating a real-life replica of your Instagram feed—the very best of it, of course—pick nine images to print on a selection of canvas minis and arrange into an eye-catching display.

The easiest way to make your home feel like home is to put your stamp on your walls. Whether it be abstract art or a gallery of family and friends, hanging an image that means something to you is step one to making that space your own, particularly when the house is echoing with newness.

Fun, frivolous and fantastically you

With all the big design and décor decisions made, now you can add the small personal touches that truly make the place your own. Create a fun family tradition by having Sunday breakfast together in your new kitchen, complete with a mug for each of you, or cover your fridge with magnets featuring funny moments that will brighten up any grey Monday morning.

Settling into New Home, Mugs, SC 1

With Sam’s Club you can easily surround yourself with family, friends and funny quotes in a variety of ways. From serious home décor to fun finishing touches you’re bound to find what you’re looking for to help you make your new home unapologetically you.



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